• Communications/PublicityChaired by Angela DeGuzman,    The purpose of this committee is to disperse event information, send updates to membership and reach out to membership for volunteers, communicate information to POC at each school district, and use social marketing tools such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate with members.
  • Emerging Leaders –  Chaired by Christina Yuknis, This committee is charged with communicating with current and former emerging leaders, ensuring emerging leaders are current members of Maryland ASCD, promoting the emerging leader program among members, identifying current trends in educational leadership based on emerging leader experiences and coordinating these efforts with program planning.
  • Influence/Legislative Advocacy –  Chaired by Donna Michel,  This committee attends ASCD’s annual Leadership Institute for Legislative Advocacy (LILA); is charged with studying and informing the Executive Board of legislation, bylaws, and regulations affecting education and the professional wellbeing of members; provides updates on federal, state, and local education policy changes/legislation.
  • MembershipChaired by Heather Lageman,  This committee is charged  with establishing procedures and seeing that they are implemented for the renewal of old memberships and the encouragement of new ones, as well as tracking current memberships and providing membership cards.
  • Nominations/ElectionsChaired by the Past President, Viola Lynch,  This committee shall be charged with providing a slate of nominees, representative of the diverse membership of the Association, for Maryland ASCD offices by June.
  • Program PlanningChaired by Natalie Stephenson,   This committee is charged with assisting in the planning of state meetings/conferences, regional conferences, and liaisons with other organizations or institutions as appropriate.