President’s Message

Greetings!  I am looking forward to this year with Maryland ASCD! As we focus on the Whole Child Initiative, remaining a member and/or joining Maryland ASCD offers  many opportunities to learn, teach and lead for both veterans and those new to the profession.  I want to thank all of you in advance for working with us to provide continued professional opportunities and advocacy roles for our communities, schools and children!

The last two years under the presidency of Viola Lynch with the guidance and efforts of our Executive Director Bonnie Schmeltz focused on supporting ASCDs and Maryland’s commitment to educate the whole child.  The Membership Dinner featured the State Teacher of the Year as the keynote speaker. This event was held at the Blue Dolphin Seafood Bar & Grill! Great food and inspiring speakers set the tone for the school year.

Another wonderful event in which Maryland ASCD was instrumental in planning and supporting was the Common Ground Conference 2017 in Ocean City Maryland. Approximately 1,200 education colleagues from across the state and surrounding areas attended. Thought provoking speakers and hundreds of inspiring sessions contributed to an outstanding professional development experience.

This year, we are focusing on continuing and expanding the vision of the whole community, whole school and whole child. Our web page will continue this focus with webinars supporting Whole Child.

Last but certainly not least, Maryland ASCD will be intricately involved with the Common Ground Conference 2018 in Ocean City on May 3 and 4 with a preconference day on May 2. Please keep informed by going to this website as  well as our website.

The current world is full of challenges and our role is an exciting and important one. How do we keep up and prepare to stay ahead to assure the best education for our communities, schools and children? One way is to participate in a professional organization like Maryland ASCD. Maryland ASCD is also part of a broader group called CEASOM –  The Council of Educational Administrative and Supervisory Organizations of Maryland which was founded in 1971. The council is comprised of fifteen organizations which are primarily involved in the areas of education.  Educational information is shared throughout the year among this diverse group of organizations. Therefore, Maryland ASCD is even more enriched!

What are some of the board’s goals and objectives?  Well – we will share them in a few weeks as we will be shaping and planning with the Whole Community, Whole School and Whole Child vision in mind. But we would also like to know what you are thinking! Please feel free to join us using our Facebook page or twitter!

Fun, Exciting, Passionate, Valuable and Impacting – These are words that come to mind when I think of my experiences with Maryland ASCD!  I hope you will join us as we continue this year because it will be even more valuable if we have an energized and diverse group of educators!

Best Regards,

Christina Sparr